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October 12, 2007


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hi, thanks for the compliments.
i was in south africa some years ago; just after apartheid ended, and i didn't like the wines. too juicy, too bitter, too mushy,too disorganized.
i think winemaking there suffered much in the same way as cultural institutions did from the isolation- lack of access to contemporary standards.
i'm sure much has changed and i'd welcome the opportunity to try some that you might recommend.

ann milam

Wanted to thank you for your marvelous performance last evening with Seattle Symphony. You have amazing technique and touch--gentle and then strong, and we thought the other musicians played well also.

Your bio mentioned that you've traveled in South Africa. We're just back and enjoyed the wine there. I hope you weren't too busy with your music duties to tour the wineries and sample their great variety of wines. Unfortunately we don't see many of them in the U.S., a shame.

Please come to Seattle again! Ann M.

Tommy from Toledo ... Toiletto


Great token appearance ... pun intended. I couldn't find your email address, so could you forward this link to Dr. Mildred Pratt, please?


See you soon.


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