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November 03, 2009


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FYI: The entire evening concert (in segments) and the afternoon workshop/concert are all up now on the White House Web site under Multimedia/Videos (do a category search for Arts and Music to substantially reduce the videos you have to browse through). For starters, here is where you can find Awadagin's Bach/Hail to the Chief performance. They don't show the President and First Lady too much but when they do, you can see Michelle really getting into the piece, nodding along, etc.:



Bravo, by the way.


Tell them to practice, practice, practice.


Just listened on my work computer to you play for Michelle Obama, Awadagin. You were wonderful and so was the young lady student who played the Schubert with you! I'll be tuning in again tonight for the big performance.


funny... I can't imagine you being anything other than "Cool" ... no matter the audience.


This time you'll be Mr. Cool, Awadagin! Honestly, I'm glad the Obamas are hosting this kind of event to promote musical education.

As for the students, the best thing you can do is not worry about what to say to them. Listen to them. Let them lead you. Invite their input. That is the greatest gift we "elders" can give the young.

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